HSC Pumps

Operating Data

● Capacity Upto 3500 M3/Hr
● Pump Head Rang Upto 120 Mtrs (394 ft)
● Water Temperature Limit Up to 150oC (212oF )
● Max Casing Power Up to 16 kg / cm2
● Pump Size DN 80 mm to DN 450 mm
● Speed Up to 2900rpm
● Rotation Clockwise or Anticlockwise from drive end
● No of models 25 Models


● HS Type pumps are used in Paper & Pulp Industry, Sea Water Desalination Plants, Cooling Towers, Mining, Fire Service, Municipalities, Oil Process, Petro chemical Sugar Industry, Power Generation & Etc.
● Handling of all types of Clear - Non Aggressive Liquids, Turbid or Slightly Contaminated Liquids, Raw Water, Sewage Water, Sea Water, Low Concentration Cellulose Suspensions & Etc


● Single stage or double stage with Double suction Volute design with horizontally split case type pumps.
● Flanged end Connections with closed impeller. Renewable wear rings.
● Bearings are Grease lubricated