Axial Pumps

Operating Data

Size M3/hr
16" - 406 mm 1980
18" - 457 mm 2600


● Pump column and structure built with mild steel. Bushing housings and fixed vane
● systems are constructed in en8
● Double profile suction cone made in cast iron glass to increase efficiency
● Assembled propeller, built with cast stainless steel blade
● The propeller is balanced and polished
● Intake protection ring to avoid the intake of foreign objects.
● Stainless steel wear protection ring to avoid premature wear in the area influenced by the propeller
● Stainless steel 304 shaft, supported by Phosphorus bronze bushings
● Exchangeable sleeves, made in 304 stainless steel, installed at the bushing wear areas


Casing : Graded Cast iron Cast steel, SS304, S5316, CD4MCU
Impeller : SS 304 Bronze, SS 316, CD4MCU
Impeller : SS 304 Bronze, SS 316, CD4MCU
Wear Ring : Graded cast Iron Cast Steel, SS304, SS316, CD4MCU
Shaft : SS316
Shaft Sleeve : SS316
Bearing Housing : Graded Cast Iron
Bearing Lubrication : Grease
Mechanical Seal : Silicon / Tungsten Carbide
Chassis / Fuel Cell : Steel
Non return Valve : Nitrile Rubber