10 Inch DE Watering Pumps

Operating Data

● PUMP RANGES - DWP - 4", 6", 8"& 12" delivery sizes with closed impeller with vertical delivery.
● DWSV - 5" delivery size with closed impeller and semi open impeller with horizontal delivery and vertical delivery.
DWH - 6" & 8" delivery size with 2V & 3V semi open impeller with horizontal delivery.

● Capacity Upto 1200 (M)3/hr
● Pump Head Rang Upto 30 Mtrs.
● Water Temperature Limit 60 degree Celsius.
● Max Casing Power 16 kg / (cm)2
● Max Power Upto 100 hp.
● Max RPM 1800 RPM
● Fuel Tank Capacity 150 Litre


● KEERTHI PUMPS are designed special for portable application.
● Fully automatic priming systems allow the pump prime and re-prime while running.
● Vacuum pump driven by common prime mover through belt drive arrangement.
● Fully guarded coupling, pulley and belting
● All pumps are fitted with Mechanical seal
● Heavy duty flexible tyre coupling between prime mover and pump for reliable service
● Nitrle non return valve used only a single moving part to allow full flow with minimal restrictions
● Total assembly is designed with a focus on facilitating modular type replacement of components / equipment, to ensure zero down time
● Highway trailer with 150 litre integral fuel cell / chassis is standard
● Rugged lifting bale for easy, balanced hoisting is standard for all models.


Casing : Graded Cast iron Cast steel, SS304, S5316, CD4MCU
Impeller : SS 304 Bronze, SS 316, CD4MCU
Impeller : SS 304 Bronze, SS 316, CD4MCU
Wear Ring : Graded cast Iron Cast Steel, SS304, SS316, CD4MCU
Shaft : SS316
Shaft Sleeve : SS316
Bearing Housing : Graded Cast Iron
Bearing Lubrication : Grease
Mechanical Seal : Silicon / Tungsten Carbide
Chassis / Fuel Cell : Steel
Non return Valve : Nitrile Rubber